Trainings, Workshops & Guiding Sessions

All trainings, workshops, and guiding sessions are tailor-made based on the needs of you and your organization. Contact us to develop a session to meet your needs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

These offerings are great for ERG's, small organizations, and departments interested in learning about how to develop an inclusive environment for all employees and clients. 

Leadership Development

Building skills in leadership is not only for those that hold VP titles. Our services are for anyone looking to enhance their abilities in creative thinking, creating opportunities for self and others, for those interested in being in formal leadership positions, and those looking to promote into new positions.

Leadership Skill Building Concentration

Want to understand more about your leadership skills, define what leadership looks like for you, and how you can use your skills in practical settings in your organization and role? This interactive session will provide you personalized assessment of your leadership talents and how to utilize these at work and to drive results that get you noticed.

Leveling-Up Concentration

Explore how organizations work and how your skill-set can be leveraged in management or senior management positions. This engaging session assesses your skill-sets within the organizational structure while tackling key factors that help in promotion reviews including overcoming barriers, being an inclusive leader, networking, and more that can take you to the next level.

Inclusive Leadership

A blend of our Leadership and DEI offerings that provide distinct development for individuals and organizations building DEI strategic plans and initiatives or want to ensure management has the tools to lead an organization in these areas. 

We take a service approach to leadership and one founded in ideals of inclusion and equity. It is not about authority or title but about confidence, accountability, considering multiple perspectives, and creating buy-in from others.

How are Sessions Offered?

All trainings and workshops are designed uniquely to meet your needs. The topics can be developed as stand-alone sessions or provided as in-depth and comprehensive trainings. Contact us to develop sessions to meet your needs. Sessions can be offered in-person, virtually, or in hybrid settings. 

Titles of Prior Sessions Developed for Partners